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Patient health and well being is our priority.  We offer safe abortion procedures in accordance with The World Health Organization medical standards and prescribed methods.


We are in a certified hospital for medical termination of pregnancy. The procedure is conducted in compliance with Indian law, by certified gynecologists, doctors and nursing staff.


All patient information including discussions with medical staff are private and confidential, protected by patient medical privacy laws.

ABOUT US, an innovate medical unit of the reputable American Hospital Bangalore, provides Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) – CAC involves care through the entire period from pregnancy diagnosis to post abortion counseling, pain minimization and healthy patient recovery.

Our center provides same day abortion procedures, where the patient can travel in the morning, undergo the procedure and return in the evening or the very next day, depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy.

We are a high-end boutique hospital providing personalized patient care and procedures in accordance with US and WHO (World Health Organization) medical standards and patient safety.  Our comprehensive medical team of certified gynecologists, doctors and registered nurses with international experience and training in the US and UK are equipped to handle the full range of abortion procedures with ease, safety and comfort to the patient.

Thousands of women from around the world and different parts of India have undergone successful abortion procedures and recovery.  We combine the latest technology, constant training and innovative medical practices, to ensure the best patient-oriented care. This applies to abortion procedures as well as post-procedural recovery.

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Why do patients travel to for an Abortion Procedure?

Besides seeking safe, legal and comprehensive abortion care, below are a few more important reasons why patients travel here from around India and several countries in the world:

  • Comfort provided with a patient first focus.
  • Certified MTP facility authorized to provide comprehensive abortion care procedures as a medical institution.
  • Privacy is provided to all patients and all matters concerning an abortion procedure is fully confidential. Patients traveling to the hospital from other places around the world value and appreciate privacy.
  • Post abortion counseling provided at is critical for expedited, safe and healthy patient recovery.
  • Fully staffed with team of highly qualified gynecologists, doctors and nurses focused on abortion procedures.  
  • Experienced in handling the full range of abortion procedures for over 30 years, with focus on patient health.
  • Fully equipped with the latest in medical technologies specific to high quality abortion procedures including for procedures such as SoftTouch and manual vacuum aspiration.
  • Convenient location in the center of Bangalore city with easy access to public transport, hotel stays and necessary patient amenities. Direct flights and excellent transport to the city are available.

Patients come for abortion from throughout India and around the world.  In Karnataka patients for abortion come from Mysore, Mangalore, Hasan, Hubli, Dharwad and Belgaum.   Patients come from throughout Kerala including from Kochi ( Cochin), Thissur and Thiruvananthapuram ( Trivandrum ).  Patients for abortion also come from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana including Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam (Vizag).  From Tamil Nadu including Chennai and Coimbatore.  From Mumbai in Maharashtra.  And from the North-eastern parts of India including Mizoram, Nagaland, Assam, Orissa and West Bengal.

From around the world, Indian patients living abroad, expats including Filipino expats and others including locals from several countries come for abortion.  Patients come to the hospital from UAE : Dubai, Sharjah, RAK, Ajman, Fujairah.  Patients from Oman including from Muscat. Patients from Bahrain, Doha Qatar and Kuwait.  Also, several patients come from the USA, UK, Philippines, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Malaysia and different parts of Africa including Nigeria and Kenya, the middle east, Europe and Asia to undergo abortion in Bangalore, India at American Hospital Bangalore.

Patients from around India and the world prefer to undergo safe, legal and confidential abortion / medical termination of pregnancy at an MTP Certified hospital where medical abortion procedures are provided in compliance with The World Health Organization prescribed methods, by expert gynecologists and a highly experienced and comprehensive medical team with world class facilities for Comprehensive Abortion Care / Medical Termination of Pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions by Patients:

What is the abortion procedure?

Depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy, patient’s medical condition and medical background, the abortion procedure options include abortion pills, manual vacuum aspiration as well as D&C and surgical abortion procedures. Our experienced gynecologists will diagnose the patient and determine the most suitable procedure.

How should I prepare for the abortion procedure?

Call the hospital to schedule your appointment and the gynecologist will help you prepare in a simple, easy and step by step manner.  You will be informed about the tests and scans needed for diagnosis and food intake requirements for the day of the procedure.

Do I need an attendant to accompany me?

It is recommended that the patient is accompanied by an attendant who can be an adult friend or family member.

Do I need my parents’ consent if I am below 18 years old?


Do I need parental consent if I am above 18 years old?


Do I need spousal consent?


Can I take abortion pills myself?

We do not recommend taking abortion pills yourself or undergoing any abortion procedure without the supervision of a gynecologist or medical doctor as this can cause not only long-term adverse health complications but can also lead to loss of life.  It is critical to always consult the doctor before taking any steps.

How long will the procedure take?

Less than 2 hours typically, depending on the type of procedure and number of weeks of pregnancy.  Most procedures are completed on the same day and you can return home later in the day or on the next day.

Do you use local or general anesthesia?

Anesthesia depends on the procedure involved and can be discussed with the gynecologist.

How long does recovery take and when can I resume normal activities, work or study again?

Normal activities including work, except strenuous physical activities can be resumed the following day after the procedure.  The gynecologist will advise the patient regarding her specific ability based on her case, during the post-abortion counseling process

What should I do after the procedure?

You will be provided with post-abortion counseling and care instructions which will include a healthy diet and medications to facilitate speedy recovery and resumption of a healthy life.

I’m concerned. Will I be judged in any way?

Absolutely not.  The hospital is staffed with professionals who view and respect women’s choice as their right.

Is abortion safe?

Yes, abortion in safe when the abortion procedure is carried out by an experienced gynecologist at a certified medical hospital backed by a proficient team and medical facility such as the one at

Will abortion effect my future pregnancy?

No.  There will be no adverse effect on future pregnancy, if the proper care and procedures recommended by the gynecologist is followed.

Is it confidential?

Yes, the procedure itself as well as patient details are fully confidential and private.

Is abortion legal in India?

Yes. Abortion is legal when conducted by a registered medical practitioner and in accordance with the MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Act of India.

Is sex-selection legal?

Absolutely not.

Is abortion legal for an unmarried woman?

Yes, in accordance with the MTP Act of India.

Is abortion legal for a married woman?

Yes, in accordance with the MTP Act of India.

What is the cost of abortion?

The cost of the procedure depends on factors such as the number of weeks of pregnancy, patient health and procedure involved.  Please note that provides the highest quality abortion procedures focused on optimizing long term health of the patient. A poor-quality procedure without adequate post abortion care can lead to long-term health consequences and is far more expensive in the long term.

Why should I have my abortion procedure done at instead of at a local clinic? is an MTP Certified hospital that provides CAC – Comprehensive Abortion Care service in compliance with The World Health Organization prescribed methods.  The hospital is medically equipped to handle the full range of medical situations that can occur, related to all abortion procedures.  The doctors and staff are specifically trained and experienced to handle abortion cases along with the needed medical infrastructure.  The full medical team ensure being able to handle a diverse and complete range of regular and complex medical situations.

Do I need to schedule an appointment prior to visiting the hospital?

Yes.  You will be given a precise appointment time for your procedure with a minimal wait time.  Please call or WhatsApp us at (+91) 900 849 2277 or (+91) 934 382 6182.

"We are the world’s #1 option for safe, legal and confidential Comprehensive Abortion Care services in accordance to US and WHO (World Health Organization) medical standards" Administrator




  • US, UK, Germany trained
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Prioritize patient safety
  • Excellent post-abortion care
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Value patient privacy
  • Value patient confidentiality
  • Friendly and accessible

Dr. Mamta

Dr. Mamta comes with over 20 years experience as a gynecologist and have doing abortion/ medical termination of pregnancy. Not only is she a highly qualified doctor, but she is also caring and compassionate with her patients. She ensures safe and maximum post-abortion medical care and recovery.



  • Gynecology and abortion expertise
  • Over 7 years experience
  • Prioritize patient safety
  • Excellent post-abortion care
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Value patient privacy
  • Value patient confidentiality
  • Friendly and accessible

Sister Amulya

Sister Amulya comes with over 7 years of experience as a gynecology nurse. She has vast experience in gynecology and medical termination of pregnancy/ abortion cases. She is friendly, kind and aspires to provide the best medical care for each of her patients.



  • International patients and hospital expertise
  • Over 30 years medical admin experience
  • Prioritize patient safety
  • Excellent post-abortion counselling
  • Caring and compassionate
  • Value patient privacy
  • Value patient confidentiality
  • Friendly and accessible

Mrs. Annamma Abraham

Mrs. Annamma comes with over 30 years of experience as an able, reliable and committed hospital administrator. Her vision and caring is unparalleled. She is kind, easy to communicate with and understanding of patient concerns. Most importantly she ensures her patients get the best medical care.



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Free Doctor Consultation

Free Doctor Consultation

The doctor consultation over the phone is free. Call to discuss your medical situation with the doctor today.

Pregnancy Scanning & Blood Test

Pregnancy Scanning & Blood Test

Scanning is done to determine the pregnancy stage, number of weeks etc. Blood tests are done to ensure patient safety and pregnancy details confirmation.

Gynecologist Consultation

Gynecologist Consultation

Gynaecologist reviews patient information and determines procedure.



Safe medical abortion procedure is carried out via pills or medical termination of pregnancy. Gynaecologist and doctor advices patient on post-abortion health care and recovery.

Post Abortion Care

Post Abortion Care

After the abortion procedure, post abortion care is provided to ensure patient safety and quick and healthy recovery.





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