Abortion in Mysore – Options compared to Bangalore

Decision-making for a safe abortion:

The decision for abortion can be personal or prescribed and worthy of respect regardless of any influencing factors for abortion. And a safe abortion is the right of every woman, wherever she is residing.

If you are a resident of Mysore and looking for safe abortion, this post is for you. Have you checked out the abortion hospitals in Mysore? If yes, you already know that you have very limited options. Even from this handful of options, are you sure, you will get a safe abortion?

You might be thinking these are all the options available and you do not have any other choice. And without any speck of doubt, you must be needing abortion services as early as possible. Getting an abortion early is what we too consider. But what should not be overlooked in a hurry are the safety considerations of the abortion procedures.

Safe abortions are done only at safe abortion centres. The choice of a safe abortion relies all upon the choice of the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) centre you have chosen. Decisions taken by viewing all the options and choosing the best tend to be marked as the right choices in the future. But, the decisions taken in a hurry and in worry often fail to be recognized as the right decisions.

An abortion can have a great deal of impact on your health and hence, it is crucial to go for a safe abortion only.

Abortion options compared within Karnataka (Mysore vs Bangalore for an abortion):

So, if your city, Mysore has limited options for safe abortion, what can be the better option? Here, we are coming for your answer. Have you considered travelling to Bangalore for the abortion? If not, why? If yes, please let us know what guided you in thinking so.

For the ones who are travelling to Bangalore for safe abortion, it is a must that you choose only a certified MTP centre for the services. Nothing is and can be more important than your health.

Both Mysore and Bangalore are the cities in the same state, Karnataka in India. There can be several considerations, opinions and the deciding factors that make a city better than the other. One city may be good for one or more things and the other one can be better at some other things. Here, we are not to say which city is better, Mysore or Bangalore for any of the reasons other than abortion.

What makes Bangalore better than Mysore for an abortion? What are you options in Bangalore compared to abortion hospitals, centres and clinics in Mysore? How does a woman from Mysore travel to Bangalore for an abortion? Why should she travel to Bangalore if she is looking forward to having an abortion?

To answer these questions with relevance to any woman seeking a safe abortion, let us have a deep insight into why and how Bangalore is better than Mysore for abortion.

  • Medical facilities: If you compare the health infrastructure of both the cities, you will notice that Bangalore has the world-class facilities, exceptional treatment, technical advancements, availability of precise techniques and pieces of equipment, qualified, trained and experienced medical staff.
  • Medical care:An abortion can be as simple as taking safe abortion pills orally or a complicated surgical procedure. But, if not performed precisely and safely by providing Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) to the woman, the consequences can be grave. Many complications can arise during and after the procedure. Only well-qualified and trained doctors, nurses and other medical staff can handle such situations well. You can find such a credible, professional and technical team only at a certified MTP centre.

There are various complications of an unsafe abortion like that one performed by unqualified abortion team. These are:

    • Incomplete abortion: As per the recommended guidelines for safe abortion, the abortion by medical method is recommended only up to 6 weeks of gestation. Beyond this period, if abortion is prescribed by medical method, there are chances of incomplete abortion. This may lead to cramping pain in the lower abdomen, continuous vaginal bleeding that can be scanty or spot-like to heavy, lasting up to weeks.  

And not just medical abortion, but there can be events where surgical abortion is incomplete. This happens very commonly with unsafe abortions. In events of incomplete abortions, finally, the remaining products have to be removed surgically. And such surgical procedures can be done only by certified and qualified doctors.

    • Hematometra: This is a condition resulting from an incomplete abortion. It is also known as post-abortion syndrome. The endometrium of women suffering from Hematometra gets bloated with blood. The uterine muscle contraction decreases. As a result, the expected vaginal bleeding slumps down significantly.
    • Haemorrhage: If a surgical abortion is not performed following the standard operating procedures and the guidelines, one or more blood vessels can rupture leading to uncontrolled bleeding or haemorrhage. And if this injury is caused to any of the major blood vessels, even a haemorrhagic shock can occur endangering the woman’s health.
    • Injury to internal organs: When a surgical abortion is conducted, a cannula is passed into the uterus. If this uterine perforation is done improperly or by untrained professionals, it may lead to injury to blood vessels, bowel, bladder, uterine lining, fallopian tube and other internal organs. These may lead to mild to moderate to severe consequences. From a minor bruise to complete loss of fertility, there can be diverse adverse effects of an unsafe abortion.
    • Infections:One of the major differences between safe and unsafe centres performing abortions is the care for hygiene. And this single difference can make a big difference in abortion care. Care for abortion starts before the abortion and lasts until complete recovery. When hygiene is compromised, the probability of catching infections rises greatly. If the abortion premises, equipment used during the procedure, the laundry, etc. are not properly sanitized before and after each procedure, any woman can catch an infection. The infection is represented in different forms in different women. But the common symptoms include fever accompanied by chills, pain in the abdomen and vaginal bleeding. Unhygienic premises can lead to infections of any kind ranging from a sore throat to the serious ones requiring intensive care.

 Unhygienic water at the premises may cause water-borne diseases like that of typhoid, diarrhoea, dysentery, and the like. Unhygienic equipment used during the procedure may cause uterine infections and vaginal infections. Some of the infections caused by non-sterile equipment used during unsafe abortions are vulvovaginitis, Bacterial vaginosis, Vulvovaginal candidiasis and recurrent urogenital infections. Infections can disturb the urogenital flora. Only the qualified doctors and gynaecologists can manage these infections; more importantly, they can prevent their occurrence.

    • Hypersensitivity: Hypersensitivity is referred to over activity of any person to certain substances, here, medicines. Many women are sensitive to one or more drugs, most commonly being antibiotics. Do you know about your allergies to any of the known substances or medicines? In the case of abortion procedures at unsafe centres, the performing professionals may or may not care about your hypersensitivity. They may not ask you about your allergies. They may not ask you about your medical history. But the certified centres do so with great caution.

 During a surgical abortion, to avoid any infection, an antibiotic is administered. It can be administered during the procedure as well as prescribed to be taken orally after the procedure. Now, if a woman undergoing an abortion is administered an antibiotic to which she is allergic, her body will give some reaction. This reaction is an allergic response and can range from mild to severe. It generally appears in the form of a rash. She might need an antidote immediately.

    • Drug-drug interactions: Just like hypersensitivity responses, there are drug with drug At unsafe abortion premises, no one is concerned about your medical history. There may be situations that a woman wanting an abortion is diabetic, hypertensive or may have any other medical condition for which she is taking regular medicines.

 If the concerned medical team is not aware of your regular medicines, if any, and they prescribe you with any interacting medicine during or for post-abortion care, there can be unmanageable health conditions. Some interactions can be mild and can be dealt with easily, while others can be severe. As per the guidelines followed for abortions at certified MTP centres, taking notes for medical history is mandatory.

Most of the damage caused to a woman’s health as a result of an unsafe abortion is permanent. And sometimes, the complications caused by unsafe abortions can lead to maternal death. These can adversely affect the reproductive health of the woman. Future pregnancies may suffer.

Managing such complications is not an easy task. It requires sound knowledge and experience. And this cannot be expected from an uncertified centre. And the most important thing is that most of the complications are preventable.

The purpose of bringing these complications to your knowledge is not to terrify you but to bring to your kind attention the importance of a safe abortion.

Do you know, in India, approximately 10 women die of unsafe abortions? And those who survive unsafe abortions often face comorbidities. There can be various causes for maternal fatalities and the third-largest in our country are unsafe abortions.

So, is it wise to consider an unsafe abortion when you have better facilities and that too within your reach? The only thing is you have to step out of your door and travel to Bangalore to a certified MTP centre. This is not asking too much for better health.

  • Transport facilities: Bangalore is located at a distance of 145.5 Km from Mysore which makes it almost 3.5 hours drive by road. Very good road connectivity via national and state highways makes it comfortable and convenient to choose Bangalore as an option for abortion for women coming from Mysore. Even if driving is not an option, Mysore to Bangalore has a well-developed road, railway as well as air network.

 You can choose from plenty of options like comfortable AC buses, cabs, private hire or even railway. Even for any woman travelling for safe abortion to Bangalore from any other city or country, Bangalore has a well-developed and well-connected air route. Both domestic as well as international flights come and leave from Bangalore daily. In fact, the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) located in Bangalore is one of the busiest airports in the country.

 If you are travelling by means of any public transport, for the last mile connectivity, Bangalore has motorbikes, cars, cabs, buses, auto-rickshaws and e-rickshaws. As far as travel is concerned for any woman coming to Bangalore for abortion, transport facility creates absolutely zero problems.

  • Confidential abortions: Women in India resort for unsafe abortions for several reasons. One such reason is the confidentiality of the abortion status of a woman. There are instances where unmarried women get pregnant with unwanted pregnancies. There are several other situations when a woman gets pregnant as a result of a horrific rape or incest. Due to the societal stigma associated with abortion in many situations, women are inclined to go for unsafe abortions.

 It is wrongly thought by them that visiting a safe MTP centre may not keep up the privacy of such a sensitive issue. While the reality is that certified MTP centres have been asked by law to maintain the woman’s privacy in regards to abortion and it is illegal not to do so.

In India, abortion is legal regardless of her marital status. So, there exist only a few reasons that may guide a woman towards an unsafe abortion. Privacy is definitely one of them and especially for small cities like Mysore. If you are looking for a confidential abortion, then travelling to Bangalore to a certified MTP centre is certainly going to work for you.

Bangalore is a bigger city than Mysore. It has more population and there are very rare chances for any encounter with an acquaintance. In small cities, and especially in the home cities, the probability of meeting an acquaintance even at an abortion clinic is high. Keeping up the privacy can be difficult. So, travelling to a city with no or limited social connections can keep abortion information confidential.

  • Diagnostic facilities: Though diagnostic facilities are available in both the cities, Mysore as well as Bangalore, there is one significant difference. There is no doubt in the fact that as of today, Bangalore is ahead of Mysore in medical, technical as well as technological advancements. And yet another difference is the location of diagnostic labs and ultrasound centres.

 If you are a resident of Mysore, you must be aware of the fact that the diagnostic labs are located not very near to the MTP centres. So, you may have to visit multiple places causing you discomfort while moving from lab to centre and centre to lab. Then, you may not get instant reports which can cause a delay in the procedure. At Abortion Hospital, Bangalore, all your lab test and scans can be performed in-house and you will not have to travel to different places. All the facilities are available under the same roof.

  • Waiting: As you know, Mysore is a smaller city and with limited certified medical professionals. The city does have certified MTP centres but due to limited doctors, you will have to wait for your turn. And delay is what should never be done in getting an abortion. Each day counts and adds up the gestational age.

Selection of abortion procedure largely depends upon the gestation age. Medical abortion is recommended only for very early abortions up to 6 weeks of gestation. Vacuum and aspiration method of abortion is recommended for abortions between 6 to 12 weeks of gestation age. Beyond 12 weeks up to 20 weeks, surgical abortion is the prescribed method.

Though in India, abortion is legal up to 24 weeks of gestation under special circumstances, you may want only limited staff to know about your abortion. But for abortions between 20 to 24 weeks of fetal age, abortion opinion is sought from two registered medical practitioners, one of them being from a government hospital. If confidentiality concerns are there, this is what you may not want.

Generally, a pregnancy test shows positive results in 4th or 5th week. So, the window for an abortion by the medical method is restricted to only 1 to 2 weeks. If you delay here for your name being in the waiting list, you may miss this opportunity of the simplest abortion procedure. And now, you may have to undergo an invasive method for abortion.

This waiting period and delay can be avoided by visiting AH, Bangalore whereupon making an appointment; you can expect to receive the procedure on the same day under normal circumstances.

Bangalore is better than Mysore for providing a safe abortion

Why Bangalore? Because you’ll find better treatment facilities is the closest answer. Better hygiene, better premises, better doctors, better staff, better management of your health condition is what you can expect from Abortion Hospital, Bangalore.

So, if safety, confidentiality and world-class facilities all can be met with by travelling to Abortion Hospital in Bangalore, why go for an unsafe abortion?

Mysore can be a perfect vacation spot, but when it comes to the medical destination and that too for safe abortion, Bangalore is undoubtedly the better choice than abortion in Mysore.