Betrayed Rely On, Role Three: Ravi Zacharias Said Accusers in Sexting Scandal Were Extortionists, But Research Means Usually

Betrayed Rely On, Role Three: Ravi Zacharias Said Accusers in Sexting Scandal Were Extortionists, But Research Means Usually

Include Brad and Lori Anne Thompson extortionists who entrapped Ravi Zacharias in a sexting scandal for monetary gain? Or, are they victims of Zacharias-an alleged intimate predator, just who preemptively sued them when they made an effort to keep Zacharias accountable?

This question for you is central to a 2017 sexting scandal regarding Zacharias and Lori Anne Thompson, and evaluating brand-new proof reported in Parts One and role Two of this series.

Yet an item of research that apparently contradicts this narrative try a demand letter the happy couple’s lawyer during the time, .

The letter stated that Zacharias got a€?caused irreparable damage to the Thompson families.a€? Therefore mentioned that rather than a€?protracted and general public litigation,a€? the Thompsons would sign a release of Zacharias and his awesome ministry for a€?the level of $5 million money.a€?

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Four period after, Zacharias replied with a federal lawsuit, accusing the Thompsons of a€?coaxing your into an unacceptable internet based relationshipa€? included in a months-long design to extort funds from him.

One, it claimed that Brad Thompson got formerly sued a pastor with his chapel, declaring the pastor had used their situation to coerce Mr. Thompson into producing a€?ill-advised financial loans and investment.a€? Per Zacharias’ lawsuit, Thompson dismissed his suit contrary to the pastor this year a€?after the activities entered into a settlement.a€?

Secondly, Zacharias’ suit alleged that a€?sometime following settlement, the Thompsons started experiencing big economic stress,a€? hence offering added motive for so-called extortion scheme.

But a deeper study of these events, while the circumstances around them, casts question in the reports in Zacharias’ match.

The Suit Versus Maranatha

In 2008, Brad Thompson, a commercial builder and company owner, prosecuted Pastor John Visser and Maranatha Christian Reformed Church (CRC) in Belleville, Ontario, for nearly $1 million in problems.

Relating to Christianity Today’s 2017 article on the sexting scandal, the lawsuit ended up being fallen. Plus the a€?pastor was actually temporarily dangling, but his church and denomination fundamentally endured by him.a€?

Visser’s denomination decided not to uphold your. They just provided him a 90-day suspension, instead deposing him, that was the suggestion associated with CRC’s Judicial rule Committee, which investigated Visser in 2012.

The CRC Synod determined that Visser had been a€?guilty of misuse regarding the workplace of a minister.a€? And in connection with Thompsons, the Synod found that a€?Pastor Visser abused their workplace for unacceptable finishes and/or self-interest by obtaining and/or enabling a counselee . . . to invest in businesses that (Visser) and his family members had.a€?

Fundamentally, the denomination let Visser to go back to your pastorate, but just after distributing for the denomination’s requirements that Visser select outside supervision for his guidance ministry.

Betrayed Rely On, Part Three: Ravi Zacharias Claimed Accusers in Sexting Scandal Happened To Be Extortionists, But Research Indicates Normally

We talked with Brad Thompson by what taken place between him and Visser. (Though Brad said the guy and Lori Anne couldn’t explore their unique union with Zacharias because of the NDA, he said he and Lori Anne tend to be free to talk about anything. In addition they can speak about certain accusations Zacharias made in his 2017 statement about them.)

Brad said both the guy and Lori Anne stumbled on Christ as grownups from broken experiences, and comprise keen on Visser’s chapel because of its healing ministry and a€?heavy shepherdinga€? unit. (Lori Anne has created a lot more detailed towards couple’s knowledge at the lady web log.)

Brad stated both he and Lori Anne decided to go to Visser for counseling. And Brad mentioned it actually was relating to this counseling commitment that Visser coaxed Brad into loaning your money continually.