Standards reimbursement policies are based on amount of sail, class booked, and energy continuing to be before sailing, as outlined below

Standards reimbursement policies are based on amount of sail, <a href=""><img decoding="async" src="" alt=""></a> class booked, and energy continuing to be before sailing, as outlined below

Disney sail Line’s reimbursement plans can get somewhat difficult, so it helps know very well what you happen to be entitled to and under what situation.

Disney is offering calm procedures for best repayments and cancellations through , as well as the freedom to improve times on select sailings.

  • The Reimbursement
  • Vital Times
  • Potential Future Sail Credit
  • The Small Print
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The Reimbursement

COVID-19 particular refunds: individuals who’ve been subjected to COVID-19, have fever and other symptoms of COVID-19, or that have tested positive within week or two of their sailing may go her sail to another day (in advance of ) or obtain a complete reimbursement without standard cancellation charges used.

As soon as you cancel the cruise: On bookings made by , complete refunds can be found on cancellations made two months or higher before cruising, excluding restricted fares, suite, or concierge prices. Suites and concierge reservations cancelled around two months in advance of sailing will receive a refund of fare minus their own deposit.

Beyond the comfortable cancellation guidelines, termination fees is obtain on non-suite or concierge bookings of cruise trips 6 nights or longer inside 120 period and inside 90 days on reduced cruises, rooms, and concierge staterooms.

Whenever Disney cancels the sail: Disney offers a choice of potential sail credit score rating or complete refunds for friends who have paid in complete for cancelled cruises. For guests who possess not provided best cost, refunds include granted for the quantity settled at the time of the termination.

On cruises cancelled or shortened due to technical issues prior to or during cruising, travelers should anticipate complete or partial refunds.

Important Schedules

Best installment on all sailings through was 60 days prior to cruising. Standards final repayment dates match using end of the penalty-free termination duration.

If you must terminate the cruise: small cruises of fewer than 6 nights (leaving out suites and concierge staterooms), should be terminated 90 days before deviation or even more to receive complete refund. From 89 to 45 times before cruising, you forfeit the deposit; between time 44 and 30 you lose 50 percentage from the getaway terms; between days 29 and 15, the charge was 75 per cent, and 2 weeks or much less from deviation, the holiday pricing is non-refundable.

Cruises 6 evenings or much longer (leaving out rooms and concierge) are entitled to full refunds until 120 era before departure. From 119 and 56 days before deviation the deposit is actually forfeited. From time 55 to day 30, you give right up 50 percentage regarding the fare; from time 29 to-day 15 the fee jumps to 75 percent, and from time 14 to the day of sailing, the fare was non-refundable.

For every package and concierge stateroom bookings, the deposit was forfeited on cancellations made 90 days or even more from deviation. From time 89 to-day 56 before sailing the charge is actually 50 per cent, which comes up to 75 % from day 55 to day 30 before the start of vacation, additionally the reservation was non-refundable from day 29 on the day’s sailing.

If Disney must terminate the cruise: Disney sail Line informs visitors and/or their particular vacation experts immediately relating to certain dates, especially if discover selection that needs to be made within a group period of time whenever cancellations become necessary.

Potential Future Sail Credit

Disney provides granted everything 150% future cruise credit score rating on several of the cancelled cruises. Friends include notified immediately of their FCC alternatives when a cruise are cancelled.

The Conditions And Terms

While Disney do, in many cases, put bonus potential cruise loans on some cancellations, the conditions and terms are clear that her sole duty when they terminate a sail before departure, is actually a reimbursement associated with quantity you really have settled.

Disney keeps particular cancellation procedures concerning airfare, resort reservations, and ground exchanges reserved through Disney. Those are located in terms and conditions.

Different refund plans may exists for reservations produced outside of the US or Canada. Make reference to your specific cruise contract, given at the time of scheduling.


Expectations cancellation procedures are observed on the Terms and Conditions web page. Additional information can be found in the sail Contract. Cancelled or changed cruise trips include uploaded on consultative page. Guests with reserved through a travel expert should get in touch with the advisor regarding refunds. Guests booked through Disney should call (866) 325-6685. There’s also e-mail and chat alternatives found on the assist page.