What Fraudulent Activity Was Everest College Been Accused Of?

What Fraudulent Activity Was Everest College Been Accused Of?

If you were defrauded by Everest, then spend some time thinking about when you were told certain things, what kinds of marketing messages were portrayed to you, and where you experienced them. Was it over the phone? In person? Via email? Do you have any written records or examples of the claims that they made? What exactly did they tell you? What did they promise you? What was it that they said which convinced you to take out that student loan?

All of this needs to be included in your BDAR application, so if you really want to get a discharge approved, you may need to spend a couple hours thinking about how things went down before you even start filling out the paperwork..

Now, let’s go over what kinds of fraudulent activity Everest College engaged in that got them penalized in the first place, and as you read through the list, ask yourself if any of these things happened to you. If they did, remember that you should include them in your BDAR application, because the most evidence you can accumulate, the more likely you’ll be to receive a discharge.

Corinthian Colleges, Inc., the parent company of Everest College, has been accused of lying about their job placement rates and engaging in predatory practices by pressuring vulnerable low-income students to take out student loans in order to attend their schools.

When you were thinking about applying to Everest, did you hear anything about their job placement rates? Did anyone tell you that a certain percentage of graduates were able to acquire jobs within their fields of study? Did anyone talk about earning specific amounts after graduation? Or having specific roles at their new jobs?

As I mentioned above, you can’t simply point out that Everest College lied to the general population, and say that make you entitled to loan forgiveness as a former Everest College student.

What you need to do is clearly show that the school did this to you, personally. You need to provide details of how they lied to you about their job placement rates and how they pressured you into taking out a student loan. If you can’t do that, then your BDAR application will get rejected, and you won’t receive forgiveness or discharge benefits.

Let’s review exactly what Everest College was accused of in the lawsuit against Corinthian Colleges. Remember, as you read through this stuff, think about whether or not Everest did any of these things to you. If they did, you can file a Borrower’s Defense claim for them and you’ll have a good shot at getting it approved.

Everest College’s Illegal Marketing Activities

Everest College has been accused of the following illegal activities, each of which open the school https://www.americashpaydayloan.com/payday-loans-me/ up to BDAR discharge claims:

  • Misrepresenting their job placement rates. For example, telling prospective students that 100% of their graduates in a particular field could find a job within the first month after graduation
  • Misrepresenting the quality of a program by telling students that they will be able to easily pass licensure exams in their field after completing a degree from Everest College
  • Pressuring vulnerable, low-income students into taking out huge loans in order to pay the tuition cost for one of their sub-standard education programs

Did Everest College do any of these things to you? If so, it’s your right to have your student loan forgiven, and you need to submit a BDAR claim as soon as possible.

Where Can I File My Borrower’s Defense Claim?

To file your Borrower’s Defense claim, go to the official US government website and go through their BDAR wizard. If you want to read the entire form because you start making your way through the wizard, click on the button at the bottom that says “View Form”.